527 Notre-Dame (route 148), Montebello, QC, CA, J0V 1L0

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Attractions and Activities

  • Omega Park :
         A perfect spot to watch wild animals.
  • Manoir-Papineau National Historic Site :
         This site honors Louis-Joseph Papineau, an historic man that deeply marked the politic scene in the 1800s.
  • Château Fairmount Montebello :
         One of eastern Canada's leading destinations.
         Beautiful surroundings and year-round activities offer our Montebello hotel's
         guests more than 40 exciting adventures, including horseback riding, championship golf,
         outdoor tennis, swimming, cross-country skiing, curling, dogsledding, tubing and a gorgeous luxurious spa.
  • Plaisance Park :
         Only 15 km away, discover this beautiful park with its hiking trails and bird watching spots.
  • Souvenir sauvage :
         An authentic safari-bus will drive you to the viewing site where,
         in the safety of a fully enclosed, insect free observation platform 7 feet
         above the ground, you will have the opportunity to glimpse bears.
  • Cycling :
         Bikeways : Route Verte.
         Bikeways of 26 km long located near Plaisance Park.
         Renting available at Château Fairmount Montebello.
  • Hiking :
         Multipe hiking trails available near Château Fairmount Montebello.
  • Explora Geo-Rallye :
         Geo-rallies adventures that uses roads, trails and bicycle paths on electronic GeoBikes.
  • ATV :
         Renting available at Château Fairmount Montebello.
  • Horseback riding :
         Renting available at Château Fairmount Montebello.
  • Golf :
         18 holes championship golf course near Château Fairmount Montebello.
  • Les chutes de Plaisance :
         Located about five kilometres north of the village of Plaisance, along Route 148.
         An exceptional natural and historic site, for over a century, the falls were the
         site of a thriving mill town known as North Nation Mills.
  • Les Brasseurs de Montebello :
         Local Brewery.
  • Fromagerie Montebello :
         Local Cheese Place.
  • ChocoMotive :
         Local Chocolate store.
  • Bonheur de Passions :
         Lovely boutique where you can find the ideal gift for every occasion.
  • Restaurants and shopping :
         Excellent restaurants and charming shopping boutiques located nearby.
  • Arts and crafts Market
  • La route verte

    Parc Omega

    Fairmont Golf

    Souvenirs Sauvages

    Bonheur de Passions

    Les Brasseurs de Montebello


    Explora Geo-Rallye

    Fromagerie Montebello

    Parc National de Plaisance